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To fear Allah, is a fortress.

To love Allah, is to sacrifice anything.

To trust in Allah, offers tranquility.

And confidence in the promise of Allah,

bears comfort to the heart

Tuan Hj Nasiruddin Mohd Ali
Executive Chairman & CEO GISB Holdings Sdn Bhd

Brotherhood Brings Peace


True entertainment is not merely physical but requires assistance and guidance. Ikhwan TV becomes the source of spiritual inspiration and the ideal selection for entertainment for all levels of the community.


GISB Travel & Tours (GITT) provides umrah and hajj services, excursions and tourism both locally and internationally.

The GITT excursions and tourism services seek to unveil the Greatness of Allah throughout the entire expedition.

Ikhwan Product

At GISB Holdings, our paramount commitment is to the production of pure, clean, and halal products, recognizing that a clean heart is nurtured by halal food.

GISBH Branches

GISB Holdings branches are now available in 19 countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Commitment to community well-being by embracing the principle that making the people happy not only fulfills a moral duty but also contributes to the collective happiness and prosperity of our shared humanity.

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